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Tear Stains on Poodles

Poodles often have excessive hair growth in their facial area. This means that hair often growths long enough to enter into the eye area and absorbs tears. In other instances, poodles can have shallow eye sockets that easily clog, which promotes the formation of dog tear stains as well. Poodles are not the only breed that is affected by these characteristics. Other dogs and even cat breeds can be born with these features.

Tear stains on poodles are highly visible because poodles can have light colored fur. Although some poodles can be black in color, there are also poodles that are white. Poodles with white hair/fur make it easy to view the look of red or brown stains on their facial fur. Although darker colored poodles make it harder to notice the appearance of stains, it does not mean that they do not develop them as well.

If you own a poodle and you are tired of looking at those unsightly stains, then consider using a tear stain supplement on your poodle. Tear stain supplements are intended for dog tear stains. They help reduce the look of existing tears and work effectively on future stains, if stated by the manufacturer.

Tear stain supplements are not only intended for poodle dog breeds. They are also effective on several other dog breeds and even some cat breeds. These supplements will have a basic description supplied from the manufacturer in regards to the type of breeds the product is recommended for. In most cases, the manufacturer will claim that the product is suitable for all dog breeds. To learn more about poodles and stains on their facial area, please go to http://tear-stain-center.com/angels-eyes/.

Tear stain supplements are sold in retail stores or online from a manufacturer. Products can diverge in price. Some can retail for less than $70. It is important to purchase products that are effective for your budget, since most only include a month’s worth dosage.
Tear stains are unsightly looking, but your poodle does not have to be affected by them. If you want to get your poodle back to their natural appearance, then begin the search of finding an affordable tear stain supplement.